I'm a freelance director of theatre & film who specializes in new work. I'm the Artistic Director of One Bird Productions, and I occasionally creative produce as a freelancer.

  • As a director of theatre and film, I collaborate with writers and production teams to bring intimate, urgent, and socially responsive narratives to the stage and screen. I like to think of myself as an explorer – it’s my job to make space for a production’s cast and design team to stumble across the small secrets of the universe in a script. I primarily partner with writers to develop and produce new work.

  • As a creative producer, I freelance for theatre and film, championing artists whose work I love and helping them get their projects off the ground.

I'm based in New York, although I'm originally from LA. I'm a graduate of Ithaca College and an alum of Director's Lab West.

Photos by Maggie Gram

Photos by Maggie Gram

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All photos on this site were shot by Lucy Gram, unless otherwise noted.