6 Photos From a Long Year

2016 was a long year, to say the least, and a year in which my relationship with photography shifted and changed, as it is bound to do. I took a photo course in 2015 that left me overly critical of my own work, and in 2016 I fought the impulse to edit as I shot and tried to shoot more regularly. I didn't succeed as often as I would have liked, but I just took a look at my haul from the year, and it turns out there's some good ones in there. As I start 2017, it's nice to get a reminder that even when I think I'm not shooting enough or not shooting well, at least I'm still making photos. Here's 6 of my favorite photos from 2016, with a little taste of the stories behind them.







This makes me look forward to 2017's photos. Let me know if you have something interesting for me to shoot. To see more more the year that wouldn't quit and photos from this year, check out my Instagram feed. If you just feel like looking at the my cute cat, I also post here more regularly than I care to admit.

Enjoy January, friends. If nothing else, 2016 finally kicked it, so there is (probably) hope.