The Maid's Tragedy

Pocket Universe

Director: Lucy Gram

Conceived by: Alyssa May Gold*

Producer: Alyssa May Gold*

Playwrights: John Fletcher & Francis Beaumont

Lighting Design: Christina Tang

Sound Design: Taylor Elise Keller*

Fight Direction: Ned Donovan

Movement Direction: Valentine Aprile

Stage Manager: Taylor Elise Keller*

Cast: Sydney Battle, Greg Carere, Alyssa May Gold*, Aleca Piper, Erin Roché*, Michael Thatcher*

*Member of Actor's Equity Association

All Maid's Tragedy photos by Carol Julien.

In its ambitious production of this rarely-seen 17th-century classic, where Pocket Universe excels is in delivering the full-blown emotion, impact, and import of The Maid’s Tragedy through impressive acting and direction, and an acute awareness of the universality of its themes and their profound resonance in today’s world.
Gram’s excellent blocking keeps the action moving around the floor and visible from all areas, and her engaging direction maintains a level of passion appropriate to the subject.
— Deb Miller, DC Metro Theatre Arts
What most struck me about “The Maid’s Tragedy,” was how director Lucy Gram played this, technically, ancient play for its timeless message: power and happiness are not bound.
— Diandra Reviews It All